A world leading supplier of noise cancellation and audio enhancement products for aircraft cabins.

A refreshed look and feel was designed for the catalogue to showcase their premium headphone, connector and charging products.


Phitek felt their brand presence in the highly competitive airline IFE market, was viewed more as an industry supplier and they wanted to raise their profile to the clever, innovative design and engineering company that they are.

Three ads were created based on a ‘Small World’ idea – clever, talented little Phitek staff, emerging from a successful or rewarding experience from inside the product – which is where their creative and technical expertise lies. The headlines all began with ’Another…’, not only to re-inforce the event had just happened, but also impressing on the reader that the company is a well established player in the market.

The light hearted and self-effacing approach, helps to engage the reader and aims to build a brand story as each new ad is published.

To complete the brief a new strap line was created, IFE Innovation. Delivered. to summarise their philosophy – blue-sky thinking: focused on delivery.

The Good Water Company™

The Good Water Company wanted a fresh new look for their marketing material to accompany their existing brand.

They wanted to add more green into their communication material and I felt it best to move away from their traditional photographic style with product placement, so created a range of illustrations unique to them, based on the water drop in their logo.

These were applied to a DLE and poster series.

Print Good Water Company

The Good Packaging Company™

The Good Packaging Company™ was born alongside the Good Water Company™.

The design challenge was to create an identity and visual graphics that complemented, but were not identicle to Good Water as both companies had a similar name and promoted the same business models, such as the Bottle to Pottles™ programme.

Good Packaging is a ‘business to business’ model, not a retail product, so the solution was to strip back the vibrant illustrations and logo, which ensured the two companies were both aligned yet unique to each other.

Print - Good Packaging Company


Phitek wanted a clean and simple solution to presenting their products at the various international airline shows where they feature.

The solution was a gatefold catalogue with easy to use functionality and reference features, that not only showcased the product photography, but made it simple for the viewer to see product customisation options and technical data at a simple glance.

Print - Phitek