NZ Natural Water

Southern Alps Purity was the brand strapline and the imagery had to reflect that.

A location photoshoot was not an option, so existing imagery from a previous pack was given a facelift.

Agency: Dashwood Design

Tux Dinners

Sometimes animals can be tricky to photograph.

The Creative Director wanted the dog to look happy, energised and full of vitality on the packaging – but it was difficult to capture this expression on the day of the shoot, so I completed it in Photoshop.

Agency: Dashwood Design

McCoy Smoothies

Soft, warm, dreamy, delicious and ‘moody’ fruit was the brief for this fruit smoothie packaging.

The Creative Director wanted them to look rich, decadent and indulgent with a short depth of field.

Agency: Dashwood Design

Atomic Tikki

A bespoke Christmas Card for an agency client.

The Creative Director wanted me to create an image of an exhibit display for a ‘YANKIWI’ – an American family who had emigrated to New Zealand and had dual citizenship.

Agency: Dashwood Design